Rockhampton Family Photographer ~ Pask

  • date
  • February 4, 2016

This gorgeous family has members from the Gold Coast and Rockhampton. While on holidays they decided to meet up to get some pictures all together at the grandparent’s beautiful property. This session was very relaxed with cupcakes to get the kids smiling and flower picking of grandma’s best flowers. This captured exactly what this family wanted, a relaxed informal session with everyone enjoying themselves. I even left with a small bouquet myself…thanks kids!


Rockhamptonphotographer_family_pask_0540 copyRockhamptonphotographer_family_pask_0636 copyRockhamptonphotographer_family_pask_0502 copyRockhamptonphotographer_family_pask_0672 copyRockhamptonphotographer_family_pask_0514 copy Rockhamptonphotographer_family_pask_0583 copy  Rockhamptonphotographer_family_pask_0633 copy   Rockhamptonphotographer_family_pask_0688 copyRockhamptonphotographer_family_pask_0596 copy


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