Rockhampton Family Photographer ~ Phillips

  • date
  • January 20, 2016

This lovely family was part of my fundraising efforts at my daughter’s Kindy last year. Three generations of beauty that all loved and adored each other which was so evident to see. An absolute blessing to photograph the smiles, laughter and connection they shared.


Rockhamptonphotography_family_Karmen_1383 copy  Rockhamptonphotography_family_Karmen_1432 copyRockhamptonphotography_family_Karmen_1417 copyRockhamptonphotography_family_Karmen_1528 copy  Rockhamptonphotography_family_Karmen_1440 copyRockhamptonphotography_family_Karmen_1543 copyRockhamptonphotography_family_Karmen_1390 copyRockhamptonphotography_family_Karmen_1445 copy    Rockhamptonphotography_family_Karmen_1553 copy

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