Rockhampton Formal Photographer ~ Renee & Tom

  • date
  • February 7, 2016

The gorgeous Renee contacted me regarding photographing her and Tom’s pre formal photos. With all my sessions it is up to the client to choose the location or backdrop for their session and Renee told me she had the perfect place, Tom’s parent’s back yard. When I arrived I knew exactly why Renee had chosen it, the lawns were beautifully manicured, the staircase was just amazing and the massive vertical garden wall made for the most stunning backdrop! This session went off without a hitch due to the wonderful people, the beautiful backdrops and the excitement in the air over formal.


Rockhamptonphotographer_formal_renee_6890 copyRockhamptonphotographer_formal_renee_6832 copyRockhamptonphotographer_formal_renee_6852 copy  Rockhamptonphotographer_formal_renee_6767 copyRockhamptonphotographer_formal_renee_6902 copyRockhamptonphotographer_formal_renee_6794bw copyRockhamptonphotographer_formal_renee_6862 copyRockhamptonphotographer_formal_renee_6827 copyRockhamptonphotographer_formal_renee_6803 copyRockhamptonphotographer_formal_renee_6854 copyRockhamptonphotographer_formal_renee_6765 copyRockhamptonphotographer_formal_renee_6938 copy

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